Positive Neuroplasticity Training (PNT)
Teacher Application Form

Becoming a PNT Teacher involves:

  • Review the slides and Participant Handbook from your PNT course to get a detailed sense of what you’ll be teaching and make sure you’ll be comfortable with it.
  • Ensuring you have completed the Positive Neuroplasticity Training and Professional Course in Positive Neuroplasticity led by Dr. Rick Hanson, including marking all units as “complete.”
  • Apply online and agree to maintain the PNT Teacher Standards
  • Schedule a one-hour Zoom interview with Dr. Rick Hanson
  • If accepted, join the PNT Teachers Association with annual dues of $200.

If you’re ready to apply, please fill out the Application below.

PNT Teacher Application Form

Have you reviewed the PNT course material prior to making this application?
As part of the 4-step process to becoming a certified PNT Teacher, we request that applicants review the Scripts, Slides, and participant Handbook from your PNT course. This allows you to get a detailed sense of what you’ll be teaching and make sure you’ll be comfortable with it.
Please check the courses you have completed with Dr. Rick Hanson:
Have your read Dr. Hanson's book, Hardwiring Happiness?(Required)

Please confirm that you have read and accept the following criteria for being a teacher of PNT.

I will teach at least one full 18-hour Positive Neuroplasticity Training course per year.(Required)
I am willing to use participant evaluations of my PNT courses and share them with Dr. Hanson.(Required)
I am able to participate in at least two of the four quarterly PNT Teacher Meetings (via Zoom).(Required)
I understand that Dr. Hanson can "de-authorize" an individual who does not meet the criteria for continuing membership in the Teachers group.(Required)

To ensure the highest quality of teaching of the Positive Neuroplasticity Training, its Teachers are expected to meet the standards set by the PNT Teachers Association. Please read these now.

I have read and agree to the terms and conditions set out in the PNT Teachers Standards.(Required)
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