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Journal of Positive Psychology

“The peer-reviewed paper Learning to Learn from Positive Experiences (Hanson et al., 2021) in the Journal of Positive Psychology explores the neural correlates of simple ways that people can build durable inner strengths through how they engage the experiences they’re having.

Dr. Hanson’s 2013 classic has become the go-to source on Positive Neuroplasticity. It reveals the simple yet effective 4-step process for beating the brain’s negativity bias. Grounded in neuroscience, this book is full of easy-to-use methods and practices to grow a steady well-being, self-worth, and inner peace.

Dr. Hanson has lectured at NASA, Google, Oxford, and Harvard, and taught in meditation centers worldwide. An expert on positive neuroplasticity, his work has been featured on CBS, NPR, the BBC, and other major media, including Ted Talks and over 200 podcasts.

Learning to Learn from Positive Experiences Webinar Recording

Dr. Rick Hanson offered a webinar on February 8, 2022, providing an overview of his paper published by the Journal of Positive Psychology,  Learning to Learning from Positive Experiences. The study showed that deliberately internalizing beneficial experiences can lower anxiety and depressed mood, and increase gratitude, self-compassion, and happiness in general.

The Neuroscience School was developed by neuroscientist Irene O’Brien, Ph.D. to educate the general public on neuroscience, debunk the myths about the brain, and provide resources for putting real brain science into practice. Dr. O’Brien claims that everything offered on the site is backed by credible, substantial, and independent research.

The Primal World Beliefs team at Penn State conducts innovative research through reviewing five years’ worth of megadata about our primal beliefs in the world and how it relates to well-being. They’ve created a “Primals Inventory” and are doing research on how demographics affect people’s “Primals,” thereby how they interpret and thus act in the world.

The Huberman Lab at Stanford School of Medicine, directed by Dr. Andrew Huberman, researches how the brain works, how it can change through experience, and how to repair brain circuits damaged by injury or disease. Dr. Huberman hosts a podcast that covers neuroscience and how our brain controls our perceptions, behaviors, and health. 

Artist Marianne Bickett created this wonderful drawing of the Taking in the Good “HEAL” model, by Dr. Rick Hanson!