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A listing of professionals who have taken the Positive Neuroplasticity Training as well as the Professional Course in Positive Neuroplasticity and use these tools in their work.

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Photo of Ania Andrzejewska
Ania Andrzejewska Coach, Trainer in Self-Development Warsaw, Poland
Work Phone: +48 606 924 959
Photo of Müge Bakht MS, MBA
Müge Bakht , MS, MBA Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Istanbul, Turkey
Photo of Maria Baltazzi PhD
Maria Baltazzi , PhD Happiness and Mindfulness Teacher Los Angeles, CA, USA
Photo of Béatrice Baré M.A.
Béatrice Baré , M.A. Psychologist Wallon Brabant, Belgium
Work Phone: +32 494 460 591
Photo of Joanna Berendt MA
Joanna Berendt , MA Coach Warsaw, Poland
Work Phone: +48 782 888 400
Photo of Marina Berney PhD, MA (Psych)
Marina Berney , PhD, MA (Psych) Psychotherapist Malabar, NSW, Australia
Work Phone: +614 3009 8988
Photo of Alexandru Bogdan M.A.
Alexandru Bogdan , M.A. Psychotherapist Cluj, Romania
Work Phone: +40 745 363 662
Photo of Rita Cleuvers ZRM, NLP
Rita Cleuvers , ZRM, NLP Coach Düsseldorf, Germany
Work Phone: +49 2161 556988
Photo of Theresa Conti CLC
Theresa Conti , CLC Life Coach Trieste, Italy
Work Phone: 0039 327 437 4509
Photo of Birgit Eibl MA
Birgit Eibl , MA Coach Mannersdorf, Austria
Work Phone: +436601167498
Photo of Ava Gibson BSW(Hons)
Ava Gibson , BSW(Hons) Coach Wellington, New Zealand
Photo of Diana Gordick PhD
Diana Gordick , PhD Psychologist Atlanta, GA, USA
Work Phone: +1 (404) 692-7027
Photo of Susan Gottlieb Ph.D.
Susan Gottlieb , Ph.D. Psychologist Arlington, MA, USA
Work Phone: +1 (781) 641-0272
Photo of Sharon Greenspan MEd, CHHP, CIAYT
Sharon Greenspan , MEd, CHHP, CIAYT Life Coach, Yoga Therapist, Energy Practitioner Tucson, AZ, USA
Work Phone: +1 (301) 816 0752
Photo of Kerry Hospelhorn LCSW-C
Kerry Hospelhorn , LCSW-C Psychotherapist Fallston, Maryland, USA
Photo of Carey Idle Ad Dip
Carey Idle , Ad Dip Natural therapist and Buteyko Breathwork Coach Eudlo, QLD, Australia
Photo of Andrej Jeleník M.A.
Andrej Jeleník , M.A. Psychologist Bratislavsky, Slovakia
Work Phone: +42 190 746 0058
Photo of Beth Kurland Ph.D.
Beth Kurland , Ph.D. Psychologist & Mind-Body Coach Norwood, MA, USA
Work Phone: (781) 789-9293

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